Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Mom!! I got my package last night. It was the perfect ending to the
perfect day. I want to tell you how much I love you and how much I now
appreciate all that you have taught me and all that you have done for
me. I have realized lately that there are so many great people in my
life who have made me who I am, and I can always feel better by
thinking about how many people love and care about me. On Saturday, my
companions and I made a goal to speak totally in spanish that day. It
was awesome. We havent kept up as much as we should lately (we have
the CCM equivalent of senioritis because we only have one more week!)
but we wan't to ramp it up this week. One thing that would be really
awesome is if you guys can send some of your favorite talks as you
read and find them. It's hard to get ahold of them for us. That way I
can always have something new to study. Want to hear something crazy??
Remember when you sent me that video about the San Salvador temple
when I got my call?? It was about a family whose children went to
church and fasted and prayed for their parents to reactivate in the
church. They were eventually sealed in the San Salvador temple. THAT
KID IS HERE IN THE CCM!! I'll try to get a picture with him to send
you guys. He told me the story again and it is just really awesome to
see how his family has been blessed. His nickname is Elder Smiley
because he is always smiling. That'd be awesome. There was an earthquake here. 6.3 I
believe. We were out playing for our sports time when it happened. It
was LOUD. We thought it was thunder!! But then they went around giving
flashlights to all of the rooms because apparently they have
aftershocks that kill the power. We made it through the night without
any problems. This week we got to go contacting outside the CCM. We
walked around a bit and chatted with some people, but most of them
were already members! Probably because the temple is right here... But
we did talk to one man and we gave him a Book of Mormon. This week I
have just felt so blessed to have met so many great people here. My
teacher Hermano Bonilla reproved us again this week, saying that we
are getting complacent. I love when he does that. I always feel so
motivated afterward. I told him later that I have so much respect for
him, and that I am grateful for his instruction and example. He told
me that he fully expects me to be able to understand all of Spanish
and be able to pronounce perfectly soon. He said that he feels that
within 6 months I will be speaking as if I was born here and grew up
speaking Spanish. I hope I can make him proud. I love being here. This
week I have not been able to get enough of my study of Preach My
Gospel. I love that manual. I still have a lot to learn, but I am
absolutely excited to teach the people of El Salvador. Love you all
lots!!!     Elder Andreasen

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