Friday, December 6, 2013

Good Morning!

This week has been somewhat of an odd one. Firstly, it has been cold here... HOW WEIRD IS THAT!? I had honestly assumed that cold was something that I was going to go two years without. But apparently every year there is a cold front and for a few days it is pretty cold. I even had to get a blanket so that I could sleep without being cold. Secondly, we received news that a missionary ran away. President called Elder Soza early one morning to say that if a certain elder asked for his passport (to pull out money or any other excuse) that he should tell this elder to pass by the office to get it and that he should call him immediately. Apparently the elder called President to set up a time to meet, but he didn't show and he is still missing. Today is day 4.

In brighter news, Elder Soza and I found a new family this week! WOOHOO!!! We had received a reference from a gentleman, and he told us to pass by his house. 3 days of looking and we still have not found the house. I personally think it doesn't exist. HOWEVER, in looking for his house, I asked a man sitting outside his house if he knew the guy or if he knew where the house was. He did not, but I asked him if we could come by and visit him sometime and we set an appointment. He let us in, and he asked his wife and fourteen year-old daughter to come in and listen to us. The first thing they said was that they were surprised to have us in their home because never in their lives have they let someone in to talk about religion. Not the evangelicos, not the testigos, NO ONE. They told us up front that they are catholic, but that they were willing to listen to what we had to say. We taught the restoration, and Elder Soza asked them if they would pray about what we had taught. Silence. Then, the daughter said that she would, and she told us about how never before had she heard someone tell her about religion without criticizing catholicism. She said that she honestly really liked what we had to say, and that she would pray about it. Her parents agreed as well, and they committed themselves to come to church next sunday(they have some commitment this week). We have only met with them once, but we have already established complete trust. It is amazing how that happens sometimes. Anyway, we have SUPER HIGH HOPES for them, and we are going to do EVERYTHING that we can to make sure that they accept the gospel. So this week, pray for the Sanchez family. I have already been praying hard for them. We have a few other investigators still, but we need to focus on familia Sanchez right now because from what we have seen, they don't have anything holding them back (like probation sentences or drinking problems, etc.). 

 Mom, I will try to repent and start taking more pictures. I normally don't keep my camera in my backpack, but I can start now. We haven't had any problems, and I know that I need to take more pictures. It sounds like things are fun around the house right now. Keep helping the missionaries! Give them references, visit with them, talk to their investigators. Ask the missionaries how you can help them. Pray for them and for their investigators *by name*. I love you guys. I hop you are having fun and having success. Today we are going to play soccer with the youth of the ward, so that should be fun. I'll try to get some pictures. No promises though. Love you! Have a great week! See you in two!

Elder Andreasen

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