Friday, June 28, 2013


Okay, this change caught me way by surprise. As we waited on tuesday night to get the changes from the assistants, we got a text. It had the names of the people getting changed. I was NOT on the list. So we celebrated a little bit, and Elder Martin was super happy. He even called to confirm the changes. But it didn't quite feel right to me, so I told them that I wasn't going to take anything for sure until 10:30 when all would really be said and done. Sure enough, about 25 minutes later, we got another text, and all it said was 'and Andreasen'. So I finished packing (I had already had one bag packed for 2 days in anticipation of the changes), and we went to bed. My companions did not accompany me to the change meeting because we were a trio and they could work that whole day. So I was alone (not really, just not with my companions) at the change meeting. I had a million ideas in mind as to where I would go, but I just kept thinking that I would go where the Lord needed me to be. When my picture popped up next to Elder Vaughan and President Glazier announced that I would be trained to be the new financial secretary of the San Salvador East mission (the same one I was in), I was completely shocked. Excited, but completely shocked. Since that moment things have been a little bit crazy. That night, the missionaries who finished their missions stayed in our house. There were 15 of them I think, and we already had 4 missionaries living there and 2 other office elders who stayed the night because their things were in our house. So we had 21 people in our house that night. On top of all of this, this week was change week and this coming week is the division of the mission, so we have been super busy in the office. And this change is a short change, only 4 weeks, so my training to be the financial secretary will be only 4 weeks instead of 6. So I have a TON of things to do and a MILLION things to learn. And very little time to learn/do it all. But I am excited. It is way different being an office elder. I have a desk and a computer! And air conditioning! And a safe! And regardless of the air conditioning, the weather here is a lot nicer. Less rain (but still rain) and not nearly as hot as Apopa, which is not surprising because there is only one zone hotter than Apopa. We work in the office from10:30 until 4, and then we leave, but we haven't left until 7-7:30 since I have been here. Our proselyting area is called Los Lencas, and it is an hour away from the office! We have to leave in the morning and take a bus to the house and do the same at night. And technically the office building is in the boundaries of the other mission, so after Monday, we have permission to leave the mission every single day until we find another office building for our mission. So I am coming in right before a whole lot of crazy stuff. This morning, an accountant from Guatemala came in to have a meeting with Elder Vaughan and I (even though it is P-day.....). Since our mission is technically the new mission, we are getting all new accounts and such, which will be nice. P-day on Friday is a little bit odd, but I can't complain. We don't have people to cook for us, and we can't leave during the day so we order in lunch every day; subway, KFC, Papa John's Pizza, Wendy's, etc. So I think I am going to gain weight here...But we don't have a dinner cocinera either, so we can either make ourselves food or not eat. And so far it has been the latter. Anyway, I feel a little bit spoiled being here and a little bit guilty. I am used to working in normal missionary work from 11-9 every day, and now it is WAY different. But I know that the Lord needs me here, and that His hand is in this change, I just have to find it. That is the thought for the week. As long as we are being obedient and doing what we should do, the Hand of the Lord will guide us through everything that comes along, we just need to look for it and be open for Him to act in a different way than we expected. I am still looking. Love you all, have a fantastic week!

Elder Andreasen

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