Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Buenos Días!!

This week was another hard one, but looking back on it, it was a pretty good one. On Saturday we had a ward activity. We watched a video (To This End Was I Born) about the Atonement and death of Jesus Christ, and then we started to play games. We set up a relay race; first, the teams had to walk a certain distance with an egg on a spoon in their mouth. Then, they had to spin around with their forehead on a pole to get super dizzy and run to the next point. Then, there were bowls filled with flour with 3 gummy worms at the bottom. Then had to get the worms without using their hands. Next, they had to get into bags and hop around a certain point and back (sack race). Then a 3 legged race. Then a water balloon toss. The first team to catch the balloon would win. What ended up happening was a little different than we had expected. The race started out great. Some people spun around with the pole and then fell right over. It was hilarious! The flour part too (see pictures). But after that, the order kind of fell apart and no one knew what they were doing. So once they started the balloon toss, things were wild. Elder Albrechtsen took a water balloon and chucked it at someone. And then there was war. We had made about 70 water balloons, and those went first. Then, people started grabbing the flour and eggs and throwing them at people!! It was so much fun but pretty crazy. Then we passed out a small refreshment and started to clean up.... It was a great activity, and we got the references of a few new families. Also, this week we presented the ward mission plan that the bishopric had asked us to make. They weren't too excited about it (we are going to start PUSHING this ward). They criticized a few things (including our activity saturday...) and basically now we have to prove to them that this is going to work. Long story short, we aren't expecting a ton of help. But the auxiliary presidencies are on top of it, and they are more or less excited. Now we just have to get to the rest of the members. With a bit of time and a lot of work on our part, we can show them that it can be done. This week we picked up a family of investigators that we had dropped. They have committed to come to church Sunday, and basically if they don't come we have to drop them again. We had several committed to come last week and they didn't. We even passed by their houses to get them. One family was asleep and didn't even come to the door after we knocked and woke them up, and another family got mixed up and was waiting for us Saturday in the morning. When we didn't show, they made plans for Sunday morning and weren't there when we did show up. A bunch of things have kept us from getting to our area to teach so it's been a slow week in terms of teaching. For example, we went to get Elder Albrechtsen his driver's license, which took from 10:30 in the morning to 4:30 in the afternoon and then we had to do some stuff in the office after. Anyway, I want to re-extend/remind you guys of the challenge to read the Book of Mormon by the end of the year. I haven't been able to read every day (some days I study other stuff), but I have come to see the power that comes from reading the Book of Mormon. Days that I read are better days. I can see and feel a difference. And I love it. So read the Book of Mormon! And help the missionary work in your wards! One of the things we are doing is challenging each organization to give 5 references a month between all of its members. BUT, a reference does not count unless the members personally introduce their friends to the missionaries and are present in one of the first lessons. Just as knocking doors is not the way things are done anymore, we are trying to eliminate references received from members with a name and phone number/address on a slip of paper. The real power in missionary work is in the hands of the members. Go to this page http://www.lds.org/training/wwlt/2013/hastening/special-broadcast?lang=eng#media= and watch the video called ''I'll go where you want me to go''. Learn from how these members shared the gospel with their friends and neighbors, and pray for opportunities and the courage to follow their example. Notice how none of them just started by talking about the gospel. They were good friends and examples. And they found opportunities to love others. That is missionary work. I love you guys. Read the Book of Mormon. And I'll see you in two!

Elder Andreasen

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