Tuesday, September 24, 2013


How is everything this week? Golf games, mountains to climb, lectures to endure...I always love hearing that you are busy and happy. To follow up; the tropical storms didn't pass this way. They got blown off in a different direction, and we only got some rain as they passed by. Thats too bad....In other news, today marks 7 months for me. Isn't that crazy?? In the office we are acutely aware of the calendar. Regardless of that fact, time still flies. But anyways... This week was another tough one in terms of the missionary work part. Our zone leaders have been pushing and pushing for more baptismal dates. We are just trying to find people to teach! But I am really enjoying myself. Elder Soza is awesome. He is just on top of things. 2 days of training and he is already thinking 2 changes ahead to field any potential migration issues that could arise. His learning and ability to settle right in have been pretty impressive. I am really happy about the office situation right now. We are such good friends now, it really makes work fun sometimes. Occasionally there are...disagreements...in the other companionship, but that just happens because Elder Albrechtsen is a workhorse and he expects everyone to keep up. I like that about him. He is the unofficial office leader (because he is the general secretary pretty much in charge of everything but our more specialized responsibilities), and he keeps everyone on their toes. He is a great guy. Right now our current situation with the area is like a reality tv show. We talked to Manuel, the husband of Lilian. He told us about how things are a bit difficult right now because of his drinking, and that he really shouldn't have come home that way last week. Lilian has been swamped with work (she works in a hospital as a childrens doctor specialized in kidney issues) and we met her son David last night. If we can keep teaching them, things should be awesome. We also are working with a less active family who has a 10 year old who has not been baptized. That situation is tough because the father told us that he was baptized out of curiosity  and that he doesn't really know that the church is true. We have been working with them, and we tried again this week to set a date for baptism, and it was rejected again. So theres more work to be done there. This week we also did a little service project for a family of "investigators". We helped them clean up their house. They are kind of like us missionaries: they only are there at the house at night to sleep, so things get dirty fast. I felt super weird wearing regular clothes, but my nametag made me feel alright. There were cockroaches everywhere and lots to do, but we helped as much as we could. Then they wanted to give us something to eat, but we were already running late. We couldn't say no, so we just ate fast and left. We had to run the whole way, but we made it with a few minutes to spare. I'm still sore though... I got some letters from Dawn and the kids this week. That was pretty cool. It felt nice to hear from people who I haven't heard from in a bit. I don't really have a spiritual thought this week. I haven't had too much time to study this week actually. Between migration appointments and early morning trips to buy stuff for a few areas, we haven't had a full study time this week. But keep reading the Book of Mormon. I have slacked a little bit lately, but I am in Alma 6 and am still on track to finish. I love you guys. I hope that you are seeing the blessings of the gospel in your lives. I am. Things are tough, but I am happy. I have great friends, a great companion, and we work hard. I have opportunities to help people all of the time, and I am grateful for the special assignment I have to serve. Have a great week dudes. Be good. Love you. See you in two!

Elder Andreasen

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