Friday, May 17, 2013

 May 13th 2013
Hey all! Today is the first day of my 2nd change in the mission. A 'change' is a 6 week period that is pretty much the standard unit of time in the mission. It is at the end of a 'change' that missionaries get moved to new areas and such. I have one more change of training, and then I will likely leave Apopa and set out on a new adventure somewhere else. Or maybe I'll stick around one more change. Who knows. Anyway, there are 16 changes in the field, so I have 15 left. I'll be home in no time. This weekend I got to skype home!! That was by far the highlight of the week, if not the month. 30 minutes just didn't seem like enough though. But it was good to hear the voices and see the smiling (and very good looking) faces of each of my family members. Only 3 more times of doing that until I'm home. I'm glad to hear that everything is still moving along at home. Things certainly are moving along here. Today, I am writing early. REALLY early. We have a super P-day in San Salvador today. We are going to Wendy's and then going bowling! So that should be super fun. Anyway, there isn't a ton to write about today, and not a lot of time. I finished the Book of Mormon yesterday. I love that Book. In fact, everyone reading this should read the Book of Mormon. Regardless of religious beliefs, preconceived notions, or other circumstances or situations, EVERYONE should read the Book of Mormon. I invite and challenge all of you to do it. You will quickly see that it is inspired of God, and that by applying its teachings in your life, you can find greater stability and happiness. Ask my family for a copy. They can get one for you. Also, so that you can further see and understand just exactly what I am doing here, you should talk with the missionaries!! You could even meet with them in my house with my family. They are just normal people like me (maybe a little more normal than me...), and they really do want to help in any way they can. When you see them on the streets, wave. Stop and say hi. Tell them that you appreciate their sacrifice, and that you respect what they are doing. Maybe tell them that you know a guy that is serving in El Salvador. Remember, they are pretty much just kids like me who are far from home and who are giving up time with their families so that other people can find the only way that they can be perfectly happy forever. Think about us. Pray for us. God answers prayers. Have a great week everyone!

(PS, the picture is the view out of our front door.)

Elder Andreasen

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